What is Dream Outside the Box’s (DOTB) mission?

Every Dream Outside the Box program is designed for dual impact: to propel youth in dream deserts toward higher education while cultivating leadership skills among collegiate volunteers. By producing imaginative programming in dream deserts, college students broaden the horizons of K-5 youth while developing skills to contribute toward the disruption of cyclical poverty.

How did DOTB get started?

Dream Outside the Box (DOTB) was founded as a college student organization in Columbia, MO in 2009. When DOTB started, 74% of boys K-5 aspired to be rappers, professional athletes, or both. In 2012, headquarters were established in Fort Worth, Texas where surveys showed approximately 83% of K-5 boys at a local youth service organization indicated “Police Officer” as their #1 pre-DOTB aspiration. As the mission of DOTB spreads, students are chartering chapters on their campus in effort to destroy dream deserts across the nation.

Do I have to pay to have my child in the program?

No. Dream Outside the Box works very hard to maintain a program that comes at no cost to the child. At this time, students “pay” for their series by volunteering in the community, investing what we call “sweat equity”.

What kinds of things will my child do in the program?

Dream Outside the Box is all about broadening horizons in a fun, engaging way! Experiences ranging from engineering, mock trial, journalism to fencing and ballet are just a few examples of the kinds of experiences students can expect in each weekly hour of DOTB programming led by college students. We strive to also provide field trips and opportunities for long-term development in each area.

What is a “Dream Desert”?

Just as a food desert is a place where people lack access to nutritious and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables, a dream desert is an area where students lack access to educational and extracurricular opportunities. In order for an area to qualify as a dream desert, DOTB considers percentage of children on free and reduced lunch, percentage of first generation college students, and access to mentorship and enrichment programming.

How can my child participate in Dream Outside the Box?

If Dream Outside the Box is offered at your child’s elementary school, the student is nominated by a teacher and approved by a DOTB Site Coordinator. If Dream Outside the Box is offered at your child’ after-school program (i.e. YMCA), you can apply at the beginning of the school year. Applications can be obtained at the after-school facility branch or the facility’s Education Director.

Why should my child participate in Dream Outside the Box?

Can you imagine your child as a notable engineer, a prominent lawyer, or a successful entrepreneur? Dream Outside the Box strives to expose children to a world of opportunity that he or she may not ordinarily have access to. Because of our access to college students, we are able to provide your child opportunities with priceless benefits. Your child will see higher education as an attainable goal, limitless career possibilities, and learn to give back to his or her community in a fun, innovative way.

How do I contact DOTB?

Donations and Contributions- [email protected]

Expansion/ Campus Chapters- [email protected]

General Information-  [email protected]; “Contact” tab at dreamoutsidethebox.org

Media Inquiries- [email protected]

How do I donate?

You can donate online at dreamoutsidethebox.org or mail a check to our headquarters at 4455 Camp Bowie Blvd Suite 114-46 Fort Worth, TX 76107.

Why should I donate to Dream Outside the Box?

Dream Outside the Box is offered at no cost to the children we serve. Our student participants, also known as “dreamers”, pay for the weekly programming with sweat equity by volunteering in the com- munity. As a startup non-profit, the impact of each dollar is magnified from providing engineering activity supplies to field trips that explore the child’s city to ensuring staff keep the program going. Your investment to Dream Outside the Box as a “Founding Donor” will have an immensely positive effect for a lifetime.