• What We Do

    Every Dream Outside the Box program is designed for dual impact: to propel youth in dream deserts toward higher education while cultivating leadership skills among collegiate volunteers. By producing imaginative programming in dream deserts, college students broaden the horizons of K-5 youth while developing skills to contribute toward the disruption of cyclical poverty.

  • Broaden Horizons

    Dream Outside the Box creates memorable opportunities to propel little dreamers toward higher education. By mobilizing college students to engage children in innovative experiences, volunteers gain leadership skills conducive in post-graduate employment and support program goals through our experiential learning approach.

  • Community Service

    Because our students have been on the receiving end of community service, DOTB works to create opportunities for them to be on the giving end. By contributing “sweat equity” in exchange for our programming, our students learn to invest altruistically starting in kindergarten.

By the Numbers

By The Numbers
1,975 experiences in 79 different activities were accomplished by an average of 25 different children each day.
74% of K-5 boys in Columbia, MO pilot indicated “Rapper” or “Football Player” as their top pre-DOTB career aspiration.
700+ Number of collegiate volunteers to date
83% of boys in Ft. Worth, TX indicated “Police Officer” as their number one pre-DOTB career aspiration.